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Best EIFS Inspector NJ

Eifs/Synthetic Stucco Inspections


EIFS or Synthetic Stucco stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. Insulation board is installed over a substrate such as plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) before the finish coat is applied. Moisture can become trapped behind this system due to improper installation or lack of maintenance. The results can be devastating. Moisture can lead to the destruction of building materials and harmful mold. It is extremely difficult to determine the presence of moisture or damage without an untrained eye. At Skyline Inspections Services we are a Certified EIFS Inspector through EDI (Exterior Design Institute). We are able to perform non-invasive, invasive, structural resistance testing, and infrared thermography testing. However, the only true way to determine if moisture is present is through invasive (probing) testing.  A visual, noninvasive inspection will be able to find defects or areas likely to hold moisture.

We do not make repairs nor do we recommend EIFS repair companies. We are unbiased in our inspection and will only report on what we find in your home. Testing a home with EIFS cladding is very labor intensive and requires expert knowledge about this type of system. Time and pricing will vary greatly due to the size, amount of windows and penetrations, amount of details, and the amount of moisture found. Most reports will include the exact areas where moisture is found, amount of "moisture" content found, and repair recommendations.


Testing Methods
  • Noninvasive EIFS inspection and testing

  • Invasive EIFS Inspection and testing

  • Invasive Structural Resistance EIFS testing

  • Infrared Thermography EIFS testing



EIFS Home Inspector
Stucco Inspector NJ

Hose bib improperly installed allowing moisture into the EIFS.

NJ EIFS inspection

The slight staining at the center of the image was probed and showed excessive moisture. Most of the substrate was rotted and had no structural integrity left.

Skyline Inspection EIFS

Multiple defects were found on this installation. Cracking, missing sealant, inadequate spacing with the EIFS and window, no backer rods, etc. The front of this home needed to be completely removed. Termite damage, rot, and mold completely destroyed the front of this home in less than 6 years due to improper installation.

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