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Mold testing

Mold inspections can be done as a standalone service or add-on service with a home inspection. Many clients will call us and state they have a must odor in a basement or room. This can be a good indicator and possible moisture issue. If there is a moisture issue, chances are there is or will be a mold issue. This can cause a whole host of health effects as well as damage to a home.


A mold inspection is almost like a home inspection and a form of a moisture intrusion investigation.  We are looking for evidence of mold growth and moisture issues in the home. Skyline Inspection Services will determine what type of sampling is recommended to get determine the presence or absence of mold. There are two types of testing air sampling and surface or swab sampling. 

We do not remediate, we only inspect and sample. There is no conflict of interest when it comes to our mold inspections. 


Feel free to contact us for any questions or information regarding what we can do for your mold and moisture issues. 

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